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Music is the Key to a Successful Reception!

Don't you love dancing to songs you know the words to? It naturally allows you (and your guests) to break out of your shell. In addition to having the top hits of every year from 1950-today, my library contains all the hard to find gems that you probably would request. My core collection is comprised of your favorite picks in:

  • 90's Hip Hop
  • Today's Most Popular Songs
  • Timeless Pop Hits
  • Classic Rock Hits
  • 80's
  • Motown

The above genres are most often requested, but each wedding is finely-tuned to what you believe your guests will enjoy most.

Relax Before the Wedding...

You have convenient 24/7 access to our online planning tools. Feel free to create a "Must Play" and a "Do Not Play" list. Do you and your partner have a favorite slow dance song with sentimental value? Select your "First Dance" song and other program details, so that we're on the same page weeks and even months before your wedding day.

For the dancing portion of the night after dinner, you can just specify 10 of your favorite songs from your favorite genres, and I'll build a tentative playlist for the night, based on your tastes. (We know you have plenty of other things to take care of!)

Flexibility During Your Reception

Since we use Serato (a computer-driven music library system), we can pull up any requests on the fly and mix them in at just the right time. I use my best judgement when taking your guests' requests and keep your music "tastes" in mind before throwing it into a live mix.

What Makes a Club Circuit DJ Different:

  • I beat-match and blend music seamlessly for non-stop dancing
  • I let the music attract your guests to the dancefloor
  • I offer straightforward prices; all packages include the essentials
  • I DO NOT play songs until they end in silence before the next one
  • I DO NOT harass or force guests out of their chairs to dance
  • I DO NOT charge extra for obvious needs such as wireless microphones and lighting

Professional Concert-Grade Sound System

As a very picky DJ business, we've always invested in the best sound systems for deep bass and crystal clear audio quality. After all, we consider this to be a truly fun service to provide and the fun begins with the quality tools we have.

We didn't expect so many people to hit the dance floor and stay until the very end of the night, but everyone had a blast!

Fill in the blanks below, and you'll be able to view our pricing. We have a variety of packages to customize. Wedding coverage starts at $1,650.
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